Where we crate/ship

Custom Crating

          We can crate at your location, or our Naperville location. And we ship worldwide.

Crate on or off-site

          Depending on the needs of our customers and the items to be crated, we offer crating on- or off-site. With on-site crating we will come to your business or residence with a fully stocked van capable of fulfilling your custom crating needs. We also can crate your items at our centrally located Naperville office and ship directly from there.

Ship worldwide

Worldwide Crating and Shipping

Through well-established relationships with a variety of carriers, we can offer shipping around the world. We have all the required certifications and stamps to insure your shipment complies with international regulations. All items crated and shipped internationally must be certified with a stamp that the lumber used was heat treated to a specified minimum temperature to insure that no bugs, especially the pine wood nematode, are transported to the destination country. Without the correct certification the destination country's customs may, at their discretion, refuse the shipment, fumigate the entire shipment, or destroy the shipment. By crating and shipping with us you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and will not be turned away or, worse yet, destroyed by customs.



What We Crate:

:: Medical Equipment
:: Lab Equipment
:: Test Equipment
:: Electronics
:: Machinery
:: Computers
:: Fine Art / Paintings
:: Pool Tables
:: Flat Screen Televisions
:: Sculptures
:: Motorcycles
:: Antiques
:: Taxidermy
:: Chandeliers
:: Furniture

We Crate Anything!
Call us at (630) 820-9713 for more information

We Crate Anything! Same Day Service! Call (630) 820-9713

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