What We Crate

We Crate Everything

We can crate anything! We will crate your dried flower arrangement or your airplane! We build sturdy safe crates for any fragile, delicate, large or otherwise crate-worthy item. If you need a crate for it, we can crate it. Taxidermy items, precision laboratory equipment, motorcycles, medical equipment, electronics, test equipment – these are just some of the many items we have crated. Ask us how to protect your most important and delicate possessions. We take your property seriously, and we build our crates to get your items to their destination in perfect condition.

Types of crates

Solid and Slat Crating

There are two basic types of crates – solid crates and slat crates.

With solid crates the item is completely surrounded by wood, offering maximum protection. With slat crates the item is surrounded by a skeleton crate (framed with wood) and cardboard. Most small and lightweight items (such as E-bay items) can be safely slat crated or professionally packed by our staff. Most larger and heavier items, such as lab and test equipment, and very delicate or sensitive items, should be in a solid crate.

Need a reusable crate? We can help! Our reusable crates have been shipped worldwide over and over again. We can make reusable crates for trade shows or any other needs.
Don't need a complete crate? We also offer palletizing. We can make a custom pallet and secure your items to it.

Shock Mount Base Crates

Shock Mount Base Crates

Shock mount base for sensitive items: foam in between the base and plywood absorbs the shock from the truck going down the road. This custom crating is most commonly used for lab equipment and precision machinery.

Additional Custom Crating Images

Computer Equiptment Solid CrateCrate ShippingEqupitment Pallet and CrateMachinery Crating and PalletingPiano Moving and CratingPiano Crating and ShippingPressure Washer and Generator Crating and ShippingSlat CrateSolid Crate and Ship

What We Crate:

:: Medical Equipment
:: Lab Equipment
:: Test Equipment
:: Electronics
:: Machinery
:: Computers
:: Fine Art / Paintings
:: Pool Tables
:: Flat Screen Televisions
:: Sculptures
:: Motorcycles
:: Antiques
:: Taxidermy
:: Chandeliers
:: Furniture

We Crate Anything!
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We Crate Anything! Same Day Service! Call (630) 820-9713

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