Who We Are

On Site Commercial Crating

JF Specialties is a family-owned and -operated business providing custom crating and third party services since its incorporation in 1992. Our office and warehouses are located in Naperville, Illinois. We offer service to the greater Chicagoland area,  including but not limited to Northeast Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin.

We provide on-site crating/uncrating service for commercial and residential needs as well as crating, packing, palletizing, and shipping from our centrally located warehouse in Naperville, IL.

Our residential division crates and uncrates items that are fragile, large, heavy, or too valuable to be placed in a corrugated cardboard box. Glass or marble tops, plasma TVs, antiques, chandeliers, fine art, and sports memorabilia are just a few of the items commonly crated by JF Specialties for the moving industry.

For other residential services please see our third party services page.


Machinery Crating

          Since 1992 JF Specialties has provided service to the relocation industry, art galleries, private collectors, museums, manufacturing companies, and more. We provide on-site service for residential and commercial needs as well crating and packaging from our warehouse.

For over 16 years JF Specialties has been dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients. From one crate to hundreds of crates, we are committed to providing the same outstanding service to new clients that our many loyal patrons have come to count on.


What We Crate:

:: Medical Equipment
:: Lab Equipment
:: Test Equipment
:: Electronics
:: Machinery
:: Computers
:: Fine Art / Paintings
:: Pool Tables
:: Flat Screen Televisions
:: Sculptures
:: Motorcycles
:: Antiques
:: Taxidermy
:: Chandeliers
:: Furniture

We Crate Anything!
Call us at (630) 820-9713 for more information

We Crate Anything! Same Day Service! Call (630) 820-9713

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